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Here is the brand-line up and releases from our February 2023  Press Preview. 

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Please note that all of our clients not only offer great products and services, but also are founded and run by inspirational entrepreneurs who make for excellent profile stories, or can add in expert thought-leadership quotes for any stories you may be working on.

Also, here are links to our multi-client releases should you be working on any last-minute International Women’s Day pieces or Earth Day round-ups.



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Province Apothecary

Spring ReleaseFounder Video

Province Apothecary is a holistic skincare and wellness brand recognized both for its effective natural skincare products and custom organic facials. PA is leading the way in green beauty with a unique blend of 100% active plant based, synthetic-free ingredients, establishing itself as a brand focused on a whole-body approach to beauty.


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Sade Baron

spring Release

A bodycare brand founded in providing a long-term roadmap to healthy skin. This highly effective and concentrated bodycare brand believes in the inspiration of the body’s ability to heal and correct itself. Through this inspiration, the Sade Baron mother-daughter team creates unisex, clean, superior, and highly efficacious formulations deeply quenching the skin conditions such as eczema and contact dermatitis.


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Recent RELEASE   |  lead Release

 Auraïha is an EWG-certified beauty company that is powered by the “skin first” movement. They go beyond skincare with products that are better than makeup by offering an effective foundation for your skincare and makeup routine.


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Elate Beauty

Lead RELEASE  |  Founder video

Elate Beauty, a vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable beauty brand. Elate incorporates ethical practices at every step of the process, using exclusively vegan ingredients, prioritizing fair-trade sourcing, and ensuring that over 75% of their products are organic. As a result, the company’s products are both Leaping Bunny and PETA-certified.

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Brennen DeMelo

Meet Brennen video

Hair artist and expert, Brennen is an industry leader and artist that brings 20 years of knowledge and experience. Whether working in editorial or at one of his three namesake salons, Demelo has elevated his hairstyling practice to a veritable art. His talent has brought him to international stages, including Paris Fashion Week, the Grammy Awards and the JUNO Awards. He has worked with elite talent such as Matt Damon, Alyssa Miller, and most recently L’Oréal Paris spokesperson Andie MacDowell at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Fashion + Accessory:

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Spring Release

Betterfelt – Danish designed Fair Trade certified wool felt slippers that exude hygge. Developed with a sleek and minimalist Danish design, their wool felt slippers are functional and timeless. Crafted with quality New Zealand wool and handmade by expert Nepalese artisans in their company-owned workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal, Betterfelt takes its Fair Trade certified reputation seriously. Very comfortable, these slippers embody hygge, the Danish version of cozy contentment.

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La Daje 

Spring Release

La Daje – La Daje specializes in everyday designs for the modern woman. Founded in Toronto by Carmen Meli and her daughters Stefania and Adriana, this brand features elevated Italian-made pieces that merge timeless nostalgia with reimagined old-world styles. Built upon the belief that jewelry is a powerful form of self-expression, the brand’s goal is to create effortless pieces that go with your attire for any occasion.

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VERZUS ALL Apparel  
Spring Line sheet

Proudly designed and developed in Toronto, VERZUS ALL Apparel is a lifestyle and athleisure brand that focuses on creating technology-enhanced apparel to benefit and heighten the wearer’s experience. VERZUS ALL Apparel was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed upon the world to inspire greatness. With sustainability at our core, not only do we want to protect the wearer’s experience, but protecting our environment is also crucial.

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Fashion Takes Action 

Lead ReleaseFounder video

Fashion Takes Action: Fashion Takes Action (FTA) is Canada’s premier not-for-profit organization founded in 2007 to advance sustainability across the entire fashion system through education, awareness, research, and collaboration. FTA helps to identify and overcome barriers to sustainability, for industry and consumers alike, achieved through WEAR, employee engagement workshops, the Sustainable Fashion Toolkit, and its youth education program My Clothes My World.


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Jen Rowe of Neat Method Toronto

spring Release  | Founder Video

Jen Rowe of Neat Method Toronto – NEAT Method Toronto is the organizing company that will transform your home or office from chaos to composed. They recognize that life gets hectic and that maintaining an organized home can become a challenge. Specializing in organizing, unpacking, and downsizing homes & offices across Toronto, they make the spaces you have functional for the life you live by focusing on creating uniquely personalized systems.


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SOCCO Living


SOCCO Living – Is the premium destination for international artisanal furniture and home decor! Established in 2020, this Toronto-based brick-and-mortar and online shop offer thoughtfully curated pieces that make a house a home. Outfitted with handcrafted straw accessories, handwoven textile pieces, handblown glass, and natural tones, SOCCO pieces embody a modern and elegant style through a Moroccan and Parisian inspired selection.


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The Grange Winery

The Grange is a boutique winery producing 100% estate grown and made wines. It has a beautiful tasting room housed in a historic barn with lovely grounds to explore. Growing seven varieties of grapes on 60 acres of vines, it is the largest estate vineyard in Prince Edward County. The Grange produces a diverse portfolio of wines including late harvest and sparkling styles.


Health and Wellness:

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B Yoga

spring release  |  Founder Video   

With mindfulness and movement, anything is possible. That’s why B Yoga creates elevated yoga and fitness essentials that invite you to find action and stillness in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or excited beginner, B Yoga has everything you need to find your perfect balance.


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spring release  |  Founder Video

Grounded in tradition and inspired by transformation, Halfmoon has been Canada’s premier destination for hand-crafted yoga and meditation essentials since 1989. Their products are thoughtfully created just outside of Vancouver, BC, and are designed with an emphasis on function, quality, and comfort.

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Sense Naturals

Spring RELEASE  |  Lead release

Sense Naturals,  the creators of the organic and multi-functional Ayurvedic superfood drink Balance. This 300-year-old recipe, featuring 10 organic ingredients (including turmeric, beetroot, rosehip, ginger and matcha), blended in a precise ratio to maximize nutrients, has been passed down through the John family for generations. The formula is designed to decrease inflammation, allowing the body to regulate and heal itself. Beneficial effects include improved focus, reduced stress, better sleep, lowered anxiety, and improved levels of immunity, energy and gut health.

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recent RELEASE  |  Founder Video

Slingwell exists to make hydration a fashion statement. As founder Joseph Stern was constantly on the go, he noticed he would often forget to bring his water bottle or have to carry it by hand. Both hydration and fashion were key to daily life in Los Angeles for the Slingwell team, as they balanced regular hikes at Runyon Canyon with a fast-paced urban lifestyle.

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